Energy, ESG and sustainability recruitment and advisory

Talesca was founded with the vision of delivering a better experience for clients and candidates alike while driving growth in sectors that will contribute to a more sustainable global community.

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Talent that matters

Talesca is a progressive talent consultancy and industry-leading advisory business that provides advice and people solutions to the energy, ESG and sustainability sectors.

Instead of operating a typical recruitment model, we treat your business and your career like our own, viewing every engagement as a partnership. It’s how we deliver industry-leading placement and employment continuity rates.

Roles We’ve Placed Recently

Engineering Manager


Develpment Manager


Grid Connections Manager



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Senior Development Manager

Blue Power Partners


What we do matters

Our entire business is predicated on doing better. For our clients and candidates, for our staff and importantly, for the future. Today, not tomorrow.

It’s why we’re a recognised participant in the United Nations Global Compact and the reason we’re on the journey to be B Corp certified.

What we do today is so vitally important to there being a tomorrow.

Image of the Talesca team holding their individual keep cups (because what we do matters).

Time for a change

Find your next career

Looking for a new challenge? Check out the latest opportunities in the renewable energy, ESG and sustainability space, or simply contact us for an open and honest chat about what’s next.

Image of a man doing maintenance work on a wind turbine.

Our Solutions

At Talesca, we offer a range of solutions and services for purpose-based companies. These offerings include:

Talent Advisory

Business Advisory

Executive Search

Permanent Role Recruitment

Contractor Recruitment


The ESG & Sustainability Podcast

Want to learn more about people actually making a difference? Check out the ESG & Sustainability Podcast hosted by Talesca’s co-founders Dan Moussa and Kevin Warner. New episodes are out weekly.

S3E3 – EVSE – Brendan Wheeler & Sam Korkees

S3E3 – EVSE – Brendan Wheeler & Sam Korkees

How long until we are all driving EV's? EVSE have been at the forefront of EV charging infrastructure since 2015 when two great mates co-founded the business. On this week's podcast, we have a high-energy chat with the founders Brendan Wheeler and Sam Korkees about...

S3E3 – EVSE – Brendan Wheeler & Sam Korkees

S3E2 – Luke Heilbuth – The Death of ESG

Did the Republican party weaponise and then exterminate ESG? Is that the reason BlackRock walked away? What does it mean for our march towards net zero? Luke Heilbuth, CEO of BWD Strategic has a point of view and it's one worth listening to. Luke has a stellar career...

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