The Talesca Difference

Talesca has been created to deliver meaningful change.

As specialists in renewable energy, ESG and sustainability, Talesca is about being better, doing better and not being afraid to take the road less travelled.

Talesca is not just a brand on the wall. It’s a choice to be committed to positive change that benefits future generations.

Talesca was founded with the vision of delivering a better experience for clients and candidates alike while driving growth in sectors that will contribute to a more sustainable global community.

We are a collective of driven people with a common goal of connecting with progressive organisations that have a shared purpose of driving meaningful environmental and social change.

What makes us different?

Instead of operating a typical recruitment model, we treat your business like it’s ours. We view every client engagement as a partnership.

We’ve developed a unique approach, an ethical and socially responsible process that delivers a quality outcome for candidates and clients.

This approach is a more collaborative, advisory-style service that ensures we have industry-leading placement and employment continuity rates.

Whilst we are primarily located in Brisbane, we provide executive search, recruitment and talent management services across Australia and internationally.


From initial applications to successful placement and beyond, we manage and support candidates throughout the recruitment process.

We ensure they understand what success in the role demands.

We’re not just about placement, we’re about finding your next top performer.


We take our relationship with talent seriously.

We need to understand them so that we can provide them and our clients with a role that effectively provides an effective solution for both.


We design, implement and manage bespoke, highly targeted multi-channel search campaigns.

We utilise proprietary methods to identify and engage with the best talent in the market.

We never force fit. We provide the right candidate for the role.

In an ever-competitive employment market, our approach stands out.

We utilise video and engaging technology to best present both the employment opportunity and the candidate.

We don’t believe in sending clients a high volume of candidate CVs. If we did, we wouldn’t be doing our job.

Image of the Talesca energy recruitment consulting team at work in their Brisbane office.
An example of the technology used by Talesca to help deliver a better recruitment service for both candidates and organisations.

We are technology-driven.

We are constantly looking at ways we can increase engagement, efficiency and results across the recruitment process using technology.

We do this by using video to enhance our CV process – making our clients and our candidates stand out from the crowd in this ever-competitive market. Best of all – it speeds up the recruitment process.

You can access your talent dashboard and candidate screen devices on the go at anytime.

Our Values


Talesca is a purpose-driven, environmentally focused organisation that believes that what we do matters.

Our focus is to enable and drive positive change. We put people and purpose before profits, every time.


Our business is built on enabling sustainable change.

For our clients and candidates, sustainability is an active chore. For our business, it’s a lifestyle.

Be the change

Talesca was founded out of a desire to be better and do things differently.

We’re driven to make change possible. To change the status quo.

Our goal is to create a place where innovation and change are welcomed.


We are better together, with support and respect we will all succeed.

Today, not tomorrow

Don’t wait.

Put simply, if there is an opportunity to do better. Do it now.

Accountability to ourselves, our colleagues and the businesses we work with and represent.

Ready for the Talesca difference?